About the Show

As Women Who Lead we are mothers, sisters, daughters and partners.

We are also skilled, multi-faceted, interested and interesting with phenomenal inner strength and depths of emotion and vulnerability we often don’t even want to admit to ourselves.

We speak multiple languages, whether from different countries, or the language of energy, sensing and processing information intuitively and taking decisive action, or subtly shifting our direction, as a result.

We can read people, situations and the future.

We bend and shift with both the winds and sands of change in our business and personal lives.

We are fascinating and fascinated and we are constantly evolving in who we are, how we lead and how we show up in the world.
Our conversations with each other are vastly different than the way we speak and engage with men; we follow the threads of the moment while not losing the tapestry of our intent.

Whether kicking ass in the boardroom, creating opportunitie2s and channels for emerging markets or building awareness for whatever we’re passionate about, we are, and have been, emerging as a powerful force, one that is not ‘in the moment’ but ‘of the moment’ as we are as much a part of the landscape as the earth and the air, and we are just as enduring in our presence and our legacies.

Women Who Lead is a show about women, for women. We want to explore the ideas, concepts and issues that are of interested to you. We are not putting a box on the definition of what it is to be a leader, as women, we will continue to push the boundaries and beliefs until our new world emerges.We’d love to have you join us on our journey!


Women Who Lead Radio