Reclaiming the Obvious

When I was asked to host the show – “Women Who Lead“, my first reaction was…”wow, of course”. My second was “I don’t have a clue how to do this.” While I have been a passionate advocate for changing our societal landscape to one that is far more just, responsible and equal, I had played my part with no overt attention to being a woman.

At first glance, this is obviously a ridiculous statement, because everything I see, do and believe emerge from my being a woman. This is such an obvious reality. And yet, I had stayed away from putting any additional emphasis on this factor, or any license to the lens.

My struggle first became apparent when it took several draft to get the description of the show right. Thanks to my lifetime colleagues, and yes, best girlfriends a woman could have, (Trish, Hilary, and Trisha) we began putting into writing what I had always known, but had never made overt – that women are inherently different leaders than our male counterparts. This does not mean any better or any worse – but quite different.

Over the course of the past 8 shows I have come to realize more and more the underlying nature and resolve of this statement.

Stay tuned to my upcoming blogs to find out what I mean.

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