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Hello, welcome to this week’s show. Many, many, many years ago, I had just completed a 5-day working session with an executive leadership team, who have to face the fact that their organization no longer help the monopoly on the energy industry that they had so clearly championed for many years.  I felt gone at the end of this session. I mean wasted. My sister, who came to pick me up, looked at me and said, “Boy do you need help?” I agreed with her, but I didn’t know the kind of help that she was going to introduce me to. She is a reggae master. And Hilary, my sister, took me to meet her master. At first, I believed that nothing could happen. I was skeptical. How could somebody work with me around my energy that could possibly open up doors that would allow me to feel any better than I was feeling? Well, she did. In an hour and a half later, I left honestly changed forever. Of course that session didn’t changed me forever, but it introduced me to a way of experiencing the untapped potential that I held within my energy feels that I had not been produced to before. It was a magical awakening and one that I have studied and become student of for decades. My guest this week is Jane Del Piero. She is a medicine woman, a shaman, a healer, an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, a sound healer. She’s an ascension facilitator and a transformational guide to the soul’s path. Jane is the co-founder of Luvlight Alternative Healthcare and Pharmacy located in Telluride, Colorado. I invite you to listen into my conversation with Jane, as we explore tools and techniques, as basic as meditation, what as we get into it more fundamental ways in which we can open ourselves to the deeper wisdom that we hold. Jane has used her techniques for thousands of people and including musicians, the likes of the David Matthews band, The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead, where she has untapped their deeper parts of their musical magistry inorder to hit stage. At the end of the interview, Jane is going to introduce us to sound therapy. She’ll use a gong, a bowl and a crystal. She’s going to use these to help us awaken deeper parts of ourselves that we can’t get access to without increasing our vibration. Now this recorded medium will not do justice to the vibrational magic of these instruments. However, I urge you to let whatever sound you experience wash over and through you. Now, let’s get into my conversation with Jane.

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Lesley:  Well welcome, Jane, to this week’s program. I’m so excited to catch you in the mountains of Colorado, in that snowcapped region to take us on an interesting journey today. And where I want to start is the fact that my audiences are crazy busy women, who have no time for themselves and yet may not be investing that time in themselves that they need to. And you have an interesting way of describing why that investment in ourselves is so important, so what is it?


Jane:  Well thank you, Lesley. I’m excited to be here with you today.  And I honestly believe that investing in yourselves is like having a crystal bank account. And we take the time each day and invest into ourselves in meditation, a walk from exercise, a bath, and you think it’s like putting money into your personal bank account that as you age will benefit you over time. It’s like your life savings account. So each day I invest for my back account and put a little bit of time. It’s like one hour and I’ll put in 20 minutes to an hour, sometimes more than that. And each day it’s working on me and spending time worrying about and filling up needs, and that’s why I recommend everybody does.


Lesley:  Well you know what, I’m a big fan because I actually know and I haven’t done it what I experience which is the emptiness, and the confusion and some frustrations that I know if I’m investing in myself aren’t going to happen. Yet you talk about a lot of your work being healing work, and I think that’s a really powerful term so that we’re healing ourselves on this day-to-day basis as well as investing. So how do you describe healing?


Jane:  Healing would be for me and the best I can describe it to people is that we’re running through life in a very smooth and easy manner. And so something stressful does come up we will deal with it in a moment, and then be able to just go through it without it affecting us and getting very super emotional about it. That’s a lot of a meditation help with that. And it’s also about healing old emotional wound from childhood, from traumas that has happened to us, car accident of a guest, family and friends. And healing these things because we actually are vibrating in a high enough level every day, that the negative things that would come in to affect us like the cold or flu thing don’t affect us that much because we’re actually vibrating so much higher.  We spend a little time every day.


Lesley:  So let’s talk about that for a second. Can you give me an example of either yourself or a client, who has had a traumatic experience wasn’t aware of the impact that it was actually having on them, and then participated in some of your work and ended up realizing just how much or how deep that wound was.


Jane:  Sure. For instance, I work a lot with people who have had suicide or death in their family, and I do this either in my office or just compelling with them. And one of my clients, who had a sister who committed suicide 30 years ago and it brought up a lot of emotion at the time of course. And then throughout the years it was something that repressed and what it would do is it would trigger anger. It would trigger revenge, feelings of frustration of worthiness, and his behavior was altered depending on the thresholds that would aggravate him. There was another person in town where we live that committed suicide or where he lived that committed suicide, and it would trigger the emotional cellular memory. And so what we do is we’ll go in and we’ll break the patterns that are causing those limiting beliefs, the neural pathways, and we alter the neural pathway that he would walk down by doing some meditation. I take people on shamanic journey. I take them to actually have a discussion with a deceased love one or somebody that they know.


Lesley:  Right. So just before you go on, I just want to pull back from one second. Sorry to interrupt but you said something really important here that the neural pathways need to be interrupted. In my understanding in neural pathway is the synapsing that we’ve trained, not only our brain but our whole nervous system into responding to in a certain type of way with a certain type of trigger. And for many of us it’s kind of an involuntary response that we’ve actually programmed but don’t actually recall programming it.


Jane:  Yes. Neural pathways are created from the time of conception forward, and they’re actually defined or dubbed deeper by family, friends, situations, schooling, jobs. All different kinds of things will increase the depths of our neural pathways or the triggering in that pathway, but I recommend to people is to start changing their habits. If you sit at the table every morning and the same spot you have breakfast in that same place with your same cup and your same breakfast – change everything.  Change the cup you’re drinking out of. Change location where you’re sitting at the table. Change your breakfast, also what you’re eating every other day— different things. Drive the different way to work. Get outside of your regular habitual patterning that makes your life narrower and narrower so you can open back up to all the possibilities.


Lesley:  So I want to give you an example of that and it wasn’t in a healing experience, it was actually in a really tough labor negotiation that I was involved in. And we were in the room where they always sit, the management and the head of the union, and I said, “When we start today, you’re going to reverse where you sit.” And so, I had the union President sit where the CEO sat and vice versa. And after about 30 seconds, the head of the union said, “I can’t actually sit here.” And I asked, “Why?” And he said, “Because I can’t fight this chair.” In other words, just even the positioning in the room where he always sat, it filled him to be able to deal with the CEO in a certain way. And when he shifted seats with the CEO, he actually changed that pattern that you’re talking about and realize that he actually couldn’t fight the fight the same way as he did from his other chair.

Jane:  Oh yes. I mean, if you made a defense in a prosecuting attorney switch side in a courtroom after days of fitting on the other side, they would change everything dramatically. Changing people’s behaviors and patterns because it’s something that is new and different, so they have to think outside their box.


Lesley:  So in that way we change our behavior before we are able to change the belief, so we do something different. Obviously the belief is that by changing my behavior is going to mean something different, but actually the action stimulates the awareness that allows us to start shifting a pattern.


Jane:  Yes, because we actually remember that in every belief there is a lie.


Lesley:  You’ve said that to me before and I’m intrigued by that, so what is that actually mean?


Jane:  Well look at the word and how it’s spelled, right in the center of it is the word “lie.” And that’s what like in the word “client” with lawyers is the word “lie” also.


Lesley:  Well, you know what; I’ve not seen that anagram. That is very interesting, yes.


Jane:  Yeah. It looks like deconstructing actually what’s taking place and it’s allowing the deconstruction of these limiting beliefs that aren’t serving us. So limiting belief for a poor person would be “I will never be rich. I don’t like rich people. Money doesn’t grow on trees.” These are limiting beliefs, whereas if we go in and we change that limiting belief, then they can actually ascend into new dimensions and new levels of realities for themselves because they’re allowing themselves to create a new story. And this new story is the new movie that the world is seeing about them.


Lesley:  Now, you do say that we carry around our story and we live our story, we tell people our story, we act out our story every day, and yet we may not even think of it at as a story.


Jane:  Yes exactly. Well, showing the world is basically a movie. So when I enter into live my home every day and even in my health, I’m basically creating a movie. And the movie is coming from the projection inside my mind of what I think of myself, because what I think of myself is what the world sees about me. Okay?


Lesley:  Yes.


Jane:  And so, when I’m preventing that energy, it’s actually your energy enters the room about a minute or two before you even open the door. And you can walk how the energy shifts in a room when somebody walks in who’s in a great mood or when they’re really in a bad mood. And you can actually feel it starts to happen beforehand, because everything in the universe is in a state of vibration Good, bad, parable, sounding, great sounding, whatever it is, everything is in state of vibration. And we all can come up with an idea of somebody we live around or work with that’s always in a great mood, and everything is just wonderful and their life is just amazing. They’re still happy, their kids are great. And then we can imagine we know somebody else that nothing is going well for them. They’re always broke, their life is terrible. They’re lifeless when their car broke down, their dog died. The vibrational difference between these energies is what I’m talking about.  In the universe, everything from crystal to flowers, to plants, to humans, we all have a vibration as for the mother earth and each of the planets.


Lesley:  So, when we talk about these vibrational fields and you and I have talked about auras before. For the audience, aura are those fields of energy that we haven’t extend when we’re vibrating at a fairly high level.  They extend well beyond us. And they start in the mental – in the most simplistic fashion – the mental, the emotional and then the physical low vibration arenas like disease can enter us in the mental state then in the emotional, and then we’ll start attacking the bodies. Is that correct?


Jane:  Yes. And actually, cancer is the lowest vibration, only thing lower than cancer is death. Cancer will come into our filtered DNA strand, to genetic codes, through damage we’ve done, through environmental toxin damages, whatever, that it starts entering into our field, one to our aura or secondly it’s already in and starts permeating true. The vibration is picked up and then it is magnified and made louder and louder like a loud speaker. And so, when we change our vibration and we change our cellular memory through forms of meditation, or listening to sound therapies or being in nature, we can actually reformat these cells. We can reformat ourselves too.


Lesley:  And so, one of the ways that you used to reformat yourself is by your exposure to nature and you live in a wonderful part of the country, what happens when you start to move into nature?

Jane:  I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And when I move into nature that keep changes my vibration, what I do when I walk into nature often times is I walk clear energy with somebody or something that isn’t bothering me, so as a psychic or a mental conversation about what’s going on the way out on my journey. And once I get to my destination, I will mention like leaving a couple pieces of luggage at top of the mountain, at the top of the ski area when I’m biking. Leave the luggage, turn around and walk away or right away, ski away from it and allow myself to release that which is no longer serving me.


Lesley:  That’s the key. Understanding that we can in fact release those thoughts, those memories, those feelings that no longer serve us. They do not have to be carried around like luggage inside our body.


Jane:  No, we don’t have to carry. There are so many little tricks that human can do to release these things whether it’s writing a letter to whoever or whatever is bothering you, irritating you, being held away from you, writing a letter to it, getting all the emotions out, taking that letter outside your house and burning it to release that energy. You can put a rubber band or a hair tie on your wrist and every time you start to tell yourself that sorry or a negative patterning that’s happening, you can say, “stop it” to change the neural pathway. We can go into nature every day and do what I just explained where you can walk for ten minutes in one direction. When you get there leave the luggage, turn around and walk away.


Lesley:  Well, I want to tell a really quick funny story. It could’ve been a dangerous story. But there was a magazine that used to write really scandals, articles where I lived, and they did a patch on me that was kind of like a crazy story. And I was so angry about this story that I said I have to do a burning ritual just to get rid of the energy that I’m holding about it. And I walked into my bathroom, and I had a small lighter and I lit this thing, I couldn’t believe it combusted. It was no way this was normal paper burning. It just showed the amount of fire energy that I was attributing to this that didn’t belong to me. And honestly, I mean, when my husband came home he said, “What did you do in the bathroom?” And I said, “Oh I just did a burning ceremony. But don’t worry, I can clean it up.” But it’s true. I mean, this energy is around us whether we want to consciously recognize it or not.


Jane:  Yes, and everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. You know, the planet has set us each on deep and profound level. If something is going on outside of us, outside of planet earth, we can all feel that pull of that energy moving past us, moving around us. How we cannot release the energies that are no longer serving us? They’re the vibrations that are bringing us down to a low vibratory state. Release those, change the story, change the pattern within yourself. Create a daily mantra.


Lesley:  And that’s the key. I mean, let’s just talk quickly about if I live in an urban jungle, in the concrete jungle, what is it that I can do to get myself released when I’m not really exposed to that beauty that you’re exposed to?


Jane:  In a concrete jungle, what I really tell people to start doing is to bring some live plants, some part of nature into their homes, their offices, their environment. Create a little altar where every day you sit and look at that plant. You can have a fish bowl or something like that from crystals on the table. And spend some time that’s really tuning that into reality of the real nature, getting out of the nature, pulling out yourself away from your computer, away from your Facebook, away from your cellphone, and allowing yourself to draw into real time of meditating, of listening to some deep and profound healing sound for your body that will allow you to reformat for your memory.

Lesley: So for those people who are listening, and this was me number of years ago where I just said, “I don’t have time to meditate. I can’t clear my monkey brain. It’s too chock-full of stuff for me to sit quietly.” What’s your recommendation as to how I could to enter this practice?


Jane:  I say, give yourself 3 to 5 minutes and sit in a quiet comfortable space with your back completely straight, and inhale the world “relax” and exhale the word “relax.” If your mind begins to drift off to a story, just acknowledge what the story is, because you’re either healing it or clearing it and just come back to inhale the world “relax” and exhale the word “relax.” Once you do it for one day and if you can get through one week of doing it for three minutes, and then move up to five minutes the following week. It’s like a progression of an exercise routine, you just slowly begin and then you move forward.


Lesley:  You know, you have this particular person that you recommend also for people to look up if in fact they want some help with this.


Jane:  Yeah. I was going to recommend a woman named Kelly Howell and she does something called brain sync… checks all the brainwaves that allow to stay the waves meditations to get in to change neural pathways for us.  And you here can do them with a guided meditation to the story if somebody tell you a story, or is it because the sound if you’re limited to a timeframe. So when I travel, let’s say if I’m on an airplane or I’m traveling somewhere and I’m not driving then I’ll do some meditation. At night before I go to bed I’ll listen to my meditation. In the morning when I wake up and I’m doing my yoga practice and meditate before, and then I spend some time with me to very calming sound and vibrations before I journey on through my day.


Lesley:  And especially important for you because you’re doing such important work with other people. But I know that the days I don’t do it, I feel it. About halfway through the day, I know my body is just starting to react to the fact that I haven’t quieted and increased the frequency by which I operate. And one of the techniques that you use that you’re going to introduce the audience to in just a couple of minutes is the notion of sound. And you got into this whole area by the notion of working with musicians, can you tell us a little bit about that?


Jane:  Yeah. I’ve been very blessed over my life, and I was a massage therapist to begin with. I began working on some musicians and touring bands here in the United States, and one of the first bands I started to work with was the Allman Brothers and there’s a man named Warren Haynes to I’ve known for many lifetime. And Warren really started pushing me towards working with sound healing and sounds, because when I would tell them about, “You know, I want to try this Tibetan singing bowls on you” or “Let me play this tuning fork find your hour before you go play tonight.” He would always be very willing to accept whatever work I was doing, and he really pushed me to continue to move forward. And through him I have met numerous bands and he introduced me to tons of people, and gave my name and phone number out to musicians as an honor of working around Eric Clapton, and Santana, and Robert Randolph, Michael Florante, Dave Matthews Band, Allman Brothers, the Grateful Dead. It’s just such a blessing. And now I carry this sound healing into my private practice, and I do the sacred sounds of the universe. For humans, in my office and I do them the festival for people. I presented yoga festival.


Lesley:  Well it is amazing. And I work with sound a lot because I know that that’s one of the ways in which my mind is taken from me and moves into the vibration of the sound. So you’re going to take us into your studio, and you’re going to play for us a few of these powerful tools.


Jane:  Yes. I’m going to start right now with the Chiron gongs. Chiron is the wounded healer. It is an asteroid that sits out in sky for about between Mars and Jupiter, and it’s deep and profound healing for our souls. It will work together.


(Chiron gongs playing)

Lesley:  Wow. That’s phenomenal.


Jane:  Yeah. Just take a deep breath and allow those sounds to penetrate ourselves, because within seconds that a gong or these sounds will actually start to reformat our cellular memory…


Lesley:  That was a gong. That was an incredible gong. Okay, now what are you playing for us next?


Jane:  I’m going to play a crystal singing bowls. This is for your pineal gland.


(Crystal singing bowl played)


Jane:  This is activating that visionary space that dwells behind our third eye.  This is our movie that we’re projecting into the future. This is our story that we want to create. This is how we do it by activating the pineal gland, because it allows us to actually envision where I’m going to be in 1 or 3, or 5 years and see it so I can manifest it.


Lesley:  Absolutely incredible. And you give the story about how you envision yourself in terms of connecting with a music manager, and how that visionary aspect of you then quickly confine the address on the internet and you put that letter out. And before maybe it takes a month, maybe it takes few months but that will come back and you will make the contact.


Jane:  Yes. I did it actually with David Byrne from the Talking Heads when he was coming to tell you he was going to be in Colorado and he was one of the people I’ve always wanted to work on. And I was wanting to learn how to manifest this by myself without asking somebody in the music industry how it gets to them. So what I did was I imagined myself talking to and working on David Byrne and I saw myself did, and then within two days I’m on the internet and I can find his tour manager’s address, phone number, email. And so I sent him an email about myself telling him who I am and what I did, and one week before David Byrne showed up in Telluride, Colorado, I got a call from the tour manager. And he said, “David would love to meet you. We would be honored to have you, come work for us at this festival.” And lo and behold I manifested it.


Lesley:  That’s amazing. Now what sound are you doing now?


Jane:  I’m playing the Heart Chakra. This is a crystal bowl also. This is now healing our heart.


(Crystal bowl played)


Jane:  And that’s just deeply and profoundly healing everybody’s heart. And I will end with this Venus gong. This is also a gong. This is the planet Venus. This is about opening our heartbroken chakras. (Venus gong played)


Jane: It is also the awakening of the divine feminism… (Venus gong playing continued)


Lesley:  And on that note thanks, Jane.


Jane:  Thank you so much. It’s an honor and pleasure.

Jane Del Piero is indeed an accomplished healer. To find out more about her and her work, go to luvlight.net that’s L-U-V-L-I-G-H-T-dot-N-E-T. My conversation with Jane reminded me of the simple techniques we can use to shift our vibration, so as to open ourselves up not only to our own inner wisdom and guides but to the larger sphere of global consciousness. I realize that the beliefs that are associated with following these pathways are not everyone’s cup of tea. But, if we do open ourselves up to the mysteries of human consciousness, we gain access to higher levels of vibrational frequency. And these can help us not only heal old wounds, but help us to build the resilience we need to navigate our increasingly complex world. We have within us the innate ability to create a new reality with every thought and every breath, but such mastery requires discipline and practice. Jane reminds us that a few minutes every day can add years to our lifetime. Jane mentioned Kelly Howell and you can find her at www.brainsync.com that’s B-R-A-I-N-S-Y-N-C. Well, you know this is your show, I am your host. You can find me at lesleysouthwicktrask.com , at womenwholead.co, and at facebook “Women who lead radio show.” Thanks for listening. See you next time.

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