I Am Back!!!!! With an Opportunity To Make A Collective Difference

Welcome to the new SECOND season of Women Who Lead! Indeed, it has been a while since we have been together in “real time”. And yet both you and I have been busy – 4300 of you have subscribed to my website – mostly since Trump came into office earlier this year. Fascinating ?!

But it does make sense…as women, we are reeling against the epidemic misogyny and blatant sexism that has found its way onto the main stage of our day-to-day cultural reality. For this reason, I am dedicating this season to understanding the nature of our cultural realities – to go below the surface to better understand the roots of the inequities we face. More importantly – I want to explore what women are doing about this pervasive reality – directly and indirectly; blatantly and invisibly.

You will note that we have made some changes to our format this season. Two weeks out of each month, I will be interviewing amazing women who are challenging the status quo and changing the rules as to how we, as women, play to win. Every second week, I will be joined by my co-host- Jae Peacock, a ballsy, say-it-like- it-is female who has a wealth of experience in breaking the rules with a great deal of SUCCESS! I will be dedicating an upcoming blog to her so you can get to know Jae better.

But here is the THING! We HAVE to come TOGETHER as a powerful voice for change. It’s easy:

  1. Listen to each show!
  2. Post your comments and opinions on what we are talking about – anything and everything – on this site or on FaceBook- Women Who Lead Radio Show.
  3. Tell us what topics you want me to explore, and what guests you would like to have on the show…this might even be you!
  4. Come back each week and do the same.


Together we are going to CO-AUTHOR an e-book on how we, as women, ARE CHANGING THE GAME. Every one of you who provides your views and helps us build our collective story and manifesto will not only receive this powerful Women Who Lead: Changing the Game for FREE- but you will be credited in the authorship.

So let’s get going and write this book!!!

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